Our Aim  
The Pre School strives to provide a relaxed, friendly, loving and safe environment where a high quality of play and education is used to stimulate and encourage each child’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical development. All children in our care are made to feel welcome, have fun and become eager to engage in lots of different learning experiences. The Pre School has a wide range of challenging resources and equipment to stimulate all children.
We believe that the early years is when a child sets their foundations for future learning, through fun and physical growth. We recognise and promote the idea that play is the most natural, effective and powerful way children learn.
Through play children who use our Pre School setting learn to concentrate, try out new ideas, imitate grown ups, explore the world around them, develop their imagination, participate, share and socialise. We feel children at play are like explorers, constantly making new discoveries. Play activities provided during the day are diverse and well balanced. Giving children the opportunity to participate in creative, manipulative, imaginative and physical play, play with natural materials and activities to encourage scientific interest, reasoning skills and individual choice making. Every child is unique and their individual needs and abilities will be met. 
The Pre School staff each have a designated group of children known as a key person and they will communicate with you, share record keeping and ensure your child is supported in reaching their or exceeding their full potential. They will regularly observe and record achievements that will be added to your child’s individual profile along with photographs and art work, which links in with the Early Years Foundation Stage.
We hold parent/carer meetings with your child's key person in the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to share your child’s individual profile and progress reports.
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